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It’s Wednesday morning and it just so happens to be December already.  How did that happen?  How did it come so fast?  Before you know it, another year is almost over and time isn’t slowing down.

The question is, what are we doing in life that brings us joy and happiness?  Days, weeks and even months can tend to blur together unless we are intentional about living in the moment and slowing down to appreciate life.  It’s easy to get up, take care of family, head to work (whatever that might be), come home, go to bed and do it all over again.  Is there something more?  Is there a cause to support? An adventure to live?  A challenge to overcome?

We think so.

Numerous studies show how giving and volunteering can really make us happy. Click here for one example.

With all of the studies out there, we encourage you to get involved.  Whether you decide to support the SAVE Campaign or another organization or cause, we encourage you to do so.  This is a great time to do something more, give something more and be a part of something bigger than us.  A “CAUSE” is defined as “a principle, ideal, goal, or movement to which a person or group is dedicated” ( and it is our hope to build a foundation of volunteers and donors to support and sustain music education in Calaveras Unified for generations to come.  Our hope is that this CAUSE will ignite something within you.  A spark.  Something that, when brought together with others, will light up the sky like fireworks.  This is a CAUSE that will break the cycle of treating music education as less than and raise the standard and the bar of education overall.  Music is worth fighting for because music is what sustains us.  It never expires, it never ends.

This holiday season, join the SAVE Campaign to save music education.  It’s about so much more than a music class, it’s about providing the opportunity for a life-saving skill-set that changes the world.

Join us.  Join the CAUSE.  Get involved and live life with intention.  To learn more and have some fun, join us this Saturday for the CHS Alumni Dinner/Concert/Dance event in San Andreas, CA. Get your tickets here.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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