What’s in an Audition? (Calaveras Has Talent 2016 1st Post)



Calaveras Has Talent is a competition.  Last years final 13 participants were true competitors.  Maybe not so much at first, as their love for song and dance (and yo-yo) was why there were there in the first place.

It’s their passion!  And they loved doing it!

And so do you!

We get asked all the time, “What do I need to do for the audition?”  “I am scared?”  “How much should I prepare?” “How many songs should I do?”

And we’ll say:  It’s easy!

Prepare your favorite 3 minute performance routine.

Use a karaoke style song (without the original voice) or play your own guitar/piano accompaniment or have a someone play with you.

We will have the option for iPhone or mp3 with the headphone output option.  If you use a CD, please try and bring your own player as CD-R’s come in all kinds of formats.

Practice, practice, practice…

Everyone…. gets nervous!

Calaveras Has Talent is…  because of YOU!  You make the show.  And your efforts help us raise money for music education in Calaveras County schools.

Thank you and see you at the audition!


For audition locations at Calaveras Has Talent 2016

For further info, this is a great link on auditioning.






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