Official Partners


We are proud to announce that the Calaveras SAVE Campaign has officially partnered with the Calaveras Community Foundation 501c3.  Here’s how it happened…

After the Calaveras Youth Organization launched the SAVE Campaign on August 12th, we knew that there would be a long, expensive road to becoming a 501c3 non-profit.  In order to raise money for an emergency rescue of music education, we decided to vet possible organizations to partner with.  It was very clear that the Calaveras Community Foundation (CCF) was a veteran at working with other like groups to help secure funds for non-profit purposes.  After several meetings, we concluded that they were the best fit.  Working with CCF offers many benefits to our SAVE Campaign, which include:

  • because of our 501c3 status/affiliation with CCF your donation to our non-profit may be tax deductible
  • long history as a non-profit in the community
  • strong relationships with other organizations
  • streamlined administrative procedures for the campaign
  • and so much more

By partnering with CCF, we are confident in our transparency as an organization.  You can trust that your donation will be used to save music education in Calaveras Unified School District.


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