Official Partners

We are proud to announce that the Calaveras SAVE Campaign has officially partnered with the Calaveras Community Foundation 501c3.  Here’s how it happened…

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Steve’s Story

Why Music Matters to me

A Decisive Beginning

I have been a musician for 31 years. I started out as a trumpet player in 4th Grade. It wasn’t by choice mind you. It was because it was “chosen” for me. My brother played trumpet and we had two trumpets around the house so I was shoved in the beginning 4th grade band to play the trumpet. I had no interest in music in 4th Grade. My only exposure to music was whatever music my parents played on the radio, Lawrence Welk on my German grandfather’s TV on Friday nights or whatever random country music was playing at my Grandma’s house. Like I stated, my brother played trumpet but really as I think back to 4th grade, I can’t really remember anything musical in my life.

The trumpet it was…

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Preparing to SAVE

It was Tuesday,  August 12th when we launched the Calaveras SAVE Campaign Facebook page.  Within three days, we had over 1,000 people engaged in this powerful movement.  Ever evolving and always moving forward, the SAVE Campaign took on a life of it’s own.  People just like you posted great photos and memories of the power of programs and how they inspire youth to do more and be more.  We were in awe of the show of support and we wanted to be sure that we did things right.

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Vanessa’s Story

Why Music Matters to Me:

When I started my seventh grade year at Toyon Middle School I was so excited to try out for the Advanced Choir. My older cousin was in it and I knew they were able to go on some interesting trips just by singing their way there. I remember walking into the music room to see Ms. Hjelmervik sitting there with a pen and paper. As I sang, my nerves subsided and I realized that I could actually make it. I was so excited when I got the call that I was accepted into the Advanced Choir as I entered the seventh grade. That year we traveled to some local places and did many great performances.

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Did You Know?

Here are some cool “did you know?” facts!

1. Did you know that at one time we owned our own Band Bus? It carried all the uniforms and equipment. This picture was taken in May 1980 in Santa Cruz. We needed two school buses to transport the entire band and chaperones.

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Music Alumni Survey

If  you played in band or sang in choir at CHS or TMS please complete this survey.  We will use your information to create a memorable experience for all who attend the December 6th Alumni Dinner/Concert/Dance at the Town Hall in San Andreas.  All to benefit the SAVE Campaign as we work to save and sustain music in CUSD.  Please take a few minutes needed to complete this survey.  Thank you so much!




This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.